Virtual Wally Waddle 2021

2021 Virtual Wally Waddle

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After the year we’ve had, kids need summer camp more than ever. We are excited to announce the results of the 2021 Wally Waddle 5K, which supports Camp WA WA Segowea youth scholarships. 

But, first, thank you to our fantastic team of sponsors. 

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Silver Sponsors

  • Adams Fairacre Farms
  • CPL Architecture|Engineering|Planning,
  • Feldman Physical Therapy and Performance
  • Tubby’s Bath Refinishing

Sign Sponsors

  • DSL Financial 
  • Posie Brady. 

Our thanks also go out to the Mid-Hudson Road Runners Club for over a decade of support. 

No matter how we Waddle, we always infuse the event with camp spirit. This year, generous alumni made participation gifts. Race participants chose from turtle-themed cookies (from Michelle Quinn of Lump Cookies), turtle-shaped soaps (from Carly Galvin of Wild and Free Soapery), and flower/vegetable/herb seeds from Lisa Perks.

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Please email Lisa Perks ( with any results questions or corrections. 

WA WA campers dive into Harmon Pond


The Process 

[The 2021 Waddle Has Concluded]

Sign up for the virtual Waddle by making a $15 donation for each person registering through the secure Kindful platform. (The donations need not be separate; a whole family can register all at once.)


2020: The Krueger and Perks families get ready to Waddle in 6 throwback tees

Lisa Perks will email everyone who made a donation through Kindful a brief Google form to to submit their walk/run times. (Submit multiple forms if you registered multiple people.) The form will also ask individuals/families to rank order participation gift preferences. Google forms will be sent out on 5/7. If you don’t receive yours, just email Lisa Perks (

Run or walk a 5K (3.1 miles) any time from May 8-17. (Please follow social distancing protocols as needed.) To figure out a 5K route, you can use a fitness watch that tracks distance, use mapping software (such as Map My Run), mark out the distance in your car, or use a track and do 12 laps + 160 meters (almost half a lap) to set up the distance.

Wally Waddle Runners


Wally Waddle runners

Notes about participation gifts: These will be mailed. To keep costs down, we’re only mailing one type of gift to each household. You’ll have to make a group decision on what you want. If 4 people in your family Waddled and you pick soaps, we’ll send your household 4 soaps. We also have a limit on each item so our generous volunteers can plan ahead: 60 cookies, 50 seeds, 40 soaps. Participation gifts will be sent out based on who submits their race time first. If you want your first choice of prizes, Waddle as close to 5/8 as you can.