Virtual Wally Waddle 2020

The Virtual Waddle was a Success!

May 10th would have been our 11th annual Wally Waddle 5K and free kids runs at Vassar Farm in Poughkeepsie. We are sorry to miss that special event, but we’re thankful that we have a variety of ways to exercise, get outside, and be part of the Camp WA WA Segowea community. Thank you to everyone who supported the Virtual Wally Waddle 5K Walk/Run by sponsoring, participating, or sharing the news.

Our event raised $2,000 in camper scholarship money, which will be applied to summer 2021.

We’re grateful for sponsorships from Adams Fairacre Farms, DSL Financial, the Hodos family, Page Management Group, and Tubby’s Bath Resurfacing. Many have supported the Waddle for years, and we appreciate them all very much!

Everyone who participated and entered their race information will receive a friendship bracelet! The Virtual Wally Waddle had some fun prize categories, so we’ll start there.

The Krueger and Perks families get ready to Waddle in 6 throwback tees!


First 5K

Luke Strelec (age 8) and Rosie Perks (age 6) each completed their first 5K!

Personal Records

Nicole Bova (age 38, 24:44), Sadie Krueger (age 15, 24:35), Kyle Krueger (age 50, 25:34), Sarah Matzner (33, 26:21), Maryclare Parker-Stark (age 12, 30:33), Jennifer Parker (age 41, 30:33) all ran their fastest 5K times ever!

Fastest Dogs

Waddle veterans Scott (human, age 38, 44:14) and Perry Cornell (dog, age 7, 44:14) had a solid race but were upstaged by Kim Musgrave (human, 52, 28:02) and her Whippet (dog, 28:02).

Most Creative Description of How the Run/Walk Felt

This category received various responses related to enlightenment, overheating, and insecurity:

A WAWA Waterfall of emotions!

felt like i’m gonna lose to mike chow if he decides to run

Overheated. Accidentally wore thermal Under Armour pants.

Felt like the fastest dog ever!!!

When describing job security, my boss said my colleagues and I are like wildebeests at the watering hole with lions surrounding us. I tried to run as fast as I could.


Five-time Waddle champion Mike Insler (age 36, 18:33) notched a 6th victory. And Waddle volunteer Lisa Perks (age 39, 21:32) put down the balloon animals this year and ran a decent time.

Maddi reaches for the finish line!

Age Group Results

6 and under
Rosie Perks (6, finished)
7 and 8
Fredi Parker-Stark (7, 56:55)
Luke Strelec (8, finished)
9 and 10
Hazel Perks (10, 37:18)
11 to 13
Otavio Perks (12, 27:30)
Gideon Meckes (13, 38:08)
Madison Krueger (13, 52:10)
Zeno Parker-Stark (11, 56:55)
Leianne Strelec (12, finished)
14 to 16
Sadie Krueger (15, 24:35)
30 to 34
Sarah Matzner (33, 26:21)
Minna Prisco (33, 60:58)
Amy McPheeters (33, 66:00)
35 to 39
Mike Insler (36, 18:33)
Lisa Perks (39, 21:32)
Nicole Bova (38, 24:44)
Scott Cornell (38, 44:14)
Kristen Hendrickson (37, 53:11)
40 to 44
John Senn (42, 23:42)
Sarah Perks (40, 28:53)
Peggy Fiege (41, 29:04)
Jennifer Parker (41, 30:33)
Georgia LoPresti-Meckes (40, 42:31)
45 to 49
Josh Perks (45, 19:00)
Heidi Krueger (47, 68:00)
Lauren Roginski-Strelec (45, finisher)
50 to 54
Kyle Krueger (50, 25:34)
Mike Fiege (50, 23:39)
Kim Musgrave (52, 28:02)
60 to 64
Sarah Herman (60, 29:12)
65 to 69
Denise Dollard (66, 34:17)
70 to 74
Marlene Perks (72, 45:39)
Steve Perks (73, 45:39)

That’s it for our results! Thank you again to everyone who participated! Let Lisa ( know if you see any errors. 

Virtual Waddle Event Description

Our beloved Wally Waddle 5K Walk/Run had to be cancelled this year for the first time in 11 years. April is a long month, with stay-at-home orders going at least until May 4th for many states. Many of us could use a walking or running goal to work toward.

With that in mind, we’re introducing the new Waddle: a simple virtual 5K that is full of summer camp spirit! Our community always pulls together—even from far away. We’ve set a goal of 150 participants. Please share the Waddle far and wide! 

Wally Waddle Runners

The Process

Sign up for the virtual Waddle by making a $10 donation for each person registering through the secure Kindful platform. (The donations need not be separate; a whole family can register all at once.) All money raised will go for Camp WA WA scholarships.

We know times are tough for many families. If you want to participate in the virtual Waddle but can’t spare the $, please join in anyway! Just email Lisa Perks ( the number of people you want to register. She’ll get you all set up.

Run or walk a 5K (3.1 miles) any time from April 27 to May 4. (Please follow social distancing protocols.) To figure out a 5k route, you can use a fitness watch that tracks distance, use mapping software (such as Map My Run), mark out the distance in your car, or use a track (if it’s okay in your town) and do 12 laps + 160 meters (almost half a lap) to set up the distance.

Lisa Perks will send you a brief survey to fill in to submit your best time and other (optional) things about you and your walk/run. (Feel free to register any time before May 4th and we’ll get you the survey.)

If you don’t like the first time you walk/run, do another 5K again before the May 4th deadline. Submit only your best time. 

And if you or your child can’t do 3.1 miles in one go, break it up into manageable distances and add up your total time. Make it work for you.

In the meantime, just get outside and enjoy walking or running to prepare for the virtual Waddle!

Wally starting the kids race


Many thanks to our sponsors Adams Fairacre Farms, DSL Financial, and Tubby’s Bath Resurfacing! All have sponsored the Waddle for years, and we are grateful for the support.


We have a team of volunteers making friendship bracelets as prizes. We’ll surprise prize-winners with a unique style and colors. 

Results will be announced and bracelet prizes will be mailed to: 

  • Age group winners: female, male, and non-binary
  • First time 5K walkers/runners
  • Walkers/runners who clock a personal record (their fastest time)
  • Fastest dog (or other animal)
  • Most creative description of how you felt during the run
  • Best picture of before/during/after the race
  • Competitor who lives the farthest from Camp WA WA Segowea (located in Southfield, MA)

picture of four friendship bracelets

Age Groups

  • 6 and under
  • 7 and 8
  • 9 and 10
  • 11-13
  • 14-16
  • 17-19
  • 20-24
  • 25-29
  • 30-34
  • 35-39
  • 40-44
  • 45-49
  • 50-54
  • 55-59
  • 60-64
  • 65-69
  • 70-74
  • 75-79
  • 80+

A final note: The race organizers are stretched thin these days. We’re trying to keep this as a simple event (no kids’ mile) that is on the honor system. We hope you can enjoy the spirit of the event even if it’s not perfect.

Please email Lisa Perks ( with any pressing questions.