Firefly #5

New Beginning, New Sign! There have been many signs that have welcomed campers to our wonderful camp through the years mostly created by volunteers. With this year, 2017 being a new beginning for Smith Park and camp, we thought, “We need a new sign!” So the ideas began flowing, and most of them were based on our logo, found in most everything Smith Park does and/or creates. Read all abut the sign and other WA WA news in Firefly #5 .

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  1. Hi, my Husband Jim is the grandson of Dean Temple who was part of the camp way back in the day. We have some family photos of Dean at the lake and porch of the lodge we’d like to share!

    1. Hi Theresa,
      That is wonderful! We would love to see the photos and share (with your permission). You can send scans or photos of the pictures to Dean Temple’s name is still part of our camp history scavenger hunt!
      Kind regards,
      Lisa Perks, volunteer

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