Overnight Camp Life

Overnight Camp Life

Six weeks of outdoor fun in a supportive, inclusive setting for campers ages 8 - 16

When considering sleep-away camp, young people often wonder: “What will I eat?”  “Where do I sleep?”  “What happens if I get sick?”  “What do we get to do?” For over a century, Camp WA WA Segowea has established a nurturing camp community and here we hope to provide a few answers to fill in these blanks. If you would like to know more, please contact our Camp Director, Lily at lily@campwawa.org or 413-229-9110!

Activities at Camp WA WA Segowea

  • Our camp facilities are perfectly designed for activities of many sorts!  Campers use our lake daily to swim and boat, and our main lodge is outfitted with basketball hoops, ping-pong tables, box ball (“4 square”) courts, a large fire place, and a reading and board game corner.  The grounds that surround our lodge and lake have a gaga ball pit, tetherball poll, soccer field, and baseball and kickball field.  All of our facilities are wifi-free, allowing campers to completely unplug and enjoy their natural surroundings.


  • The daily schedule is broken up into four types of activities: cabin time, all-camp games, structured free-time, and skill classes. Skill class choices are chosen by campers twice each session and feature options including: archery, arts and crafts, boating lessons, fishing, cooking, pottery, and nature hikes!


  • A day at Camp WA WA allows for campers to enjoy a mix of structured activities and structured free time.  The following is a sample schedule:

Sample Schedule

7:30 AM- First Wake Up Call

7:45 AM- Second Wake Up Call

8:10 AM- Flag Rising/Quiet Pause

8:15 AM- Breakfast

8:45 AM- Camper Capers (light chores)

9:15 AM- Cabin Time

9:45 AM- Morning Activity (A camp wide, or cabin group activity)

11:00 AM- Free Swim & Lodge Free Time

12:30 PM- Lunch

1:00- 2:00 PM- Rest Hour

2:15 PM- First Skill Class

3:15 PM- Second Skill Class

4:15 PM- Third Skill Class

5:20 PM- Flag Lowering/Quiet Pause

5:30 PM- Dinner

6:00 PM- Open Boating & Canteen (Camp Store)

7:15 PM- Evening Activity (Camp-wide activity)

8:30 PM- Friendship Circle & Goodnights

9:00 PM- Lights Out

Dining at Camp WA WA Segowea 

  • Campers and staff eat 3 meals together everyday at camp in our lakeside dining hall.  Meals are served family style at camper cabin tables and offer a variety of options.  Breakfast always includes a cereal, yogurt, and fresh fruit bar in addition to the main dish and side dishes, and lunch and dinner always offer a soup and salad bar and peanut butter and jelly station in addition to the main course and sides.

  • Our kitchen staff is trained in allergen awareness and is prepared to support campers with special dietary restrictions or allergies.  Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, diary free, and nut safe options can be provided and special storage is also available if campers with special needs choose to bring additional personal favorite foods.

Overnight Sleeping Options at Camp WA WA Segowea

  • Overnight campers sleep in one of our 11 chestnut cabins on “cabin row.” The cabins are simple structures with bunk beds, electricity, large screened windows (no electric ACs needed!) and under the bed storage space for suitcases or trunks.

  • During registration, overnight campers can choose “Girls” “Boys” or “All-gender” as their cabin type.  These three cabins allow campers to select the cabin that will be best for them based on their gender identity.  Transgender campers and campers who are gender non-conforming are welcome to sleep in “Boys,” “Girls,” or “All-gender” cabins depending on their preference.

  • Bathrooms are located nearby Cabin Row.  Our main bathhouse has a “Boys” and “Girls” side with a common sink area, several individual stalls, and a central shower room with individual shower & changing areas.  Additional “all-gender” toilets are located throughout our camp facility, and campers choose bathrooms that best suite their needs.

Health & Safety at Camp WA WA Segowea

  • Camp staff are committed to the health and safety of each camper at camp. Staff are trained in CPR, First Aid, bully prevention, and development needs of different campers.

  • An experienced pediatric nurse oversees all campers medical needs.

  • All cabins maintain a ratio of at least 1 head counselor to 8 campers, and have an additional junior counselor, or second head counselor, to assist with daily needs.

  • Our waterfront director is a certified Waterfront Instructor and experienced swim teacher, and all water activities are supervised by lifeguards certified by the American Red Cross.